AI Possible Summit 2022 Speakers

Allan F. Beechinor is the Co-founder and CEO at Altada Technology Solutions, a global artificial intelligence (AI) platform solution provider which creates operational efficiencies for clients by leveraging cutting-edge AI to unlock value in data, enhance automation and implement automated data-driven decision making. Allan co-founded Altada in 2017 with his partner Niamh Parker with a mission to build a company that would make the capabilities of AI trustworthy and accessible. With over 20 years of experience in AI, machine learning, and data science, he is spearheading the company’s growth across global markets and sectors, in alignment with Altada’s core values and uncompromising ethical business practices.

Allan F. Beechinor

Co-founder and CEO

Altada Technology Solutions

Cheryl Rego is the privacy counsel at Altada. She has worked in private practice , in house and most recently as a consultant. She started her journey into privacy and data protection as an IP lawyer in the music industry. Cheryl has worked in the following sectors: charity, HR, financial services, entertainment, health care, insurance and mining sectors. Cheryl has completed the Artificial Intelligence Programme at Oxford University and most recently is the first person in Ireland to be awarded a certificate of excellence for the Foundations of Independent Audit of Artificial Intelligence Systems.

Cheryl Rego

Privacy Counsel

Altada Technology Solutions

Brian McElligott is chief intellectual property counsel with Altada Technology Solutions. Before joining Altada he was a partner in the intellectual property practice of one of Ireland’s leading law firms. He is a proven results-driven and collaborative executive leader able to navigate complex IP and legal issues in a fast-paced global business. Brian is an expert in designing and implementing business-focused IP strategies and a trusted legal advisor to R&D and business leadership. His experience includes M&A transactions, negotiating strategic partnerships, overseeing IP asset management, and regulatory compliance. Brian is a member of the EU AI Alliance programme and Ireland’s NSAI Legal Artificial Intelligence Top Team. He has a degree in theoretical physics from Trinity College Dublin and a passion for working in diverse technical and complex fields.

Brian McElligott

Chief Intellectual Property Counsel

Altada Technology Solutions

Aurobinda, known as ARI, is Co-Founder & CTO of Empeal, Ireland’s first complete SaaS based health & wellness solution company. Working with the CEO in the effort to growth hack their way to being one of Ireland’s most-valued startups. ARI leads the technical initiative and works to bring in a data-driven approach to wellbeing. Empeal is also creating the first use of ethical AI in the wellbeing space.

Aurobinda De

Co-Founders & Director


Hakim Elakhrass is the Co-Founder and CEO of NannyML, open source software for monitoring AI performance.  Before NannyML, Hakim started and grew an AI consultancy.

Hakim Elakhrass

Co-Founder and CEO


Mark’s career started as Network and Service Assurance Software Consultant for a small company. That company was acquired by IBM. I rode the wave as that business transitioned to IT Service Management and Operations Analytics and the evolution of big data. He then made the switch to IBM Systems where he became an AI and Power Systems Architect focusing on IBM’s partnership with Nvidia and Deep Learning Workloads across all industries. Mark found particular synergy in Healthcare, Academia and Research and Manufacturing industries particularly with Visual AI workloads. Latterly, his focus was on data platforms as a Systems Architect for IBM’s segment 1 clients in Financial Services.

Mark Woolnough


Senior Solution Architect

Delivering business benefits and releasing value from technology innovation has been at the  heart of Chris’ career. His leadership roles have spanned change and transformation,  strategy and execution, and business leadership. He fully appreciates the intricate symbiosis  between people, technology, data, and ecosystems.

Chris spent half of his career at financial services firms such as Citigroup, AXA, ABN AMRO,  M&G and UBS, and the other half at software and enterprise data firms such as Misys (now  Finastra), Thomson Reuters and MetricStream.

Chris Leong

Fellow & FHCA


James has worked in technical delivery for over 20 years, with the last 10 years focused on the Financial Services sector handling the systems behind migrating, managing and securitising NPL and PL portfolios. Most recently, James was CIO at a small specialist lender in the UK before joining Relational as their Software Products Director to further enhance the vision for Relational’s product suite.

James Wheeler

Software Products Director

Relational SA

Kevin Sharpley is co-founder and COO of Xavatar, a company that produces non-native, animated, autonomous avatars for visual telecommunication and a metaverse ecosystem-The Xataverse, in addition to a podcast and animated show The Synch Report for the Xavatar avatars to populate, explore and push the boundless limits of their imagination. In addition, Mr. Sharpley is a writer, producer, director and founder of Kijik Multimedia, which provides company branding and development of projects in film, television, web, documentary, computer graphics, gaming, augmented and virtual reality, animation, metaverse, NFT, new media and more.

Kevin Sharpley



Dr Patrick Shallow is an entrepreneur, a Banker–Economist  and CEO of  Credit Expo Ltd, a software–consultancy he established in 2000, majoring in Credit-Risk and Profitability Analytics for retail lenders.  His patented  ECM Analytics software, initially a radical, actuarially constructed, model, now a full AI  software product , has been adopted by the leading Irish banks, credit unions, auditors, and regulator.

Dr Patrick Shallow


Credit Expo Ltd

Sohini De is the founder of Empeal, which is a multi award-winning digital health company providing data driven, clinician led health and wellbeing solutions in a gamified way. Empeal is your AI driven 24/7 health coach, focused on prevention and management of chronic conditions. Sohini set up the company 3.5 years ago after 22 successful years working in global equity investments specializing in sustainable and environmental equities including investing in health & wellbeing. Sohini also studied nutritional therapy based on lifestyle medicine for 4yrs. As a result, she is able to combine her health and business acumen to identify problems and provide effective solutions.

Sohini De



Denis is Altada’s global Chief Technology Officer, leading the build out of our technology capabilities to scale and economise our AI solutions in an outcome driven manner for our customers.

Over the past 15 years, Denis has been a frequent international speaker, AI evangelist and has led growth technology functions across industries in the areas of AI, cloud, cybersecurity, computer vision and IoT. He has built high-performing and diverse engineering, design, science, and product teams whose work has impacted millions of people worldwide.

A lifelong learner, Denis is an online graduate of Harvard Business School and has two master’s degrees, along with qualifications in Economics, Financial Accounting, Cyberpsychology and UX Design to be a more balanced technology leader.

Denis Canty

Chief Technology Officer


Ravit Dotan is a thought leader in AI ethics, specializing in helping startups and investors develop AI ethics strategies. She publishes her innovative research in top journals, and regularly gives engaging talks and workshops on AI ethics to diverse audiences. Ravit has a PhD in philosophy from UC Berkeley, and was recently a fellow at the world-leading center for Philosophy of Science at Pittsburgh University.

Ravit Dotan

AI Ethics Consultant

Aoife is the Chief of Operations at SlyceData, managing cross-functional initiatives and ensuring the organization runs at peak performance. Her previous roles include Consulting at Ernst & Young, and Investment Banking/ Equity Capital Markets at Scotiabank. Aoife was selected as a Venture Capital Fellow for Included VC’s 2020/21 cohort. She holds a BSc in Finance and International Business from Northeastern University, and a BA in Global Business from Dublin City University. 

Aoife Manley

Chief of Operations


Josh serves as the Head of Innovation at Rocktop Partners, a fintech company and private equity fund with >$5bn in assets under management. In addition, he is the Senior Partner at Harrison McLaughlin & Associates, PLLC, a national law firm that provides various legal services to Rocktop and its partners and affiliates in the financial industry. In his role at Rocktop, Josh oversees due diligence operations and asset management, designs and directs legal processes on behalf of the fund, and works closely with Rocktop’s computer science and data analytics teams to build “systems intelligence” and automation into Rocktop’s platform. Josh holds a BS in Astrophysics and a Juris Doctor; he is licensed to practice law in TX, CA, FL, WA, OR and CO.

Josh Harrison

Managing Director & Head of Innovation

Rocktop Partners

Graham is a pragmatic and creative leader with 13+ years’ experience in developing and managing innovative and scalable commercial solutions across a range of emerging technologies and verticals. Possessing in-depth experience of problem-solving, product creation, and driving change, his passion is to work with diverse teams to formulate effective future strategies and develop creative products that increase revenue, drive new growth opportunities, and enable a high performing culture of successful innovation capabilities and practices. As Head of Emerging Technology within Altada, Graham leads the deep tech engineering direction with quantum, blockchain, computer vision, etc… and leads the technical involvement with universities and partners while driving the innovation and commercial roadmap alignment.

Graham Baitson

Head of Emerging Technology


Ms. Gupta is a widely respected global strategist and leader in governance and cyber technologies with a record of creating unprecedented risk mitigation initiatives to help companies achieve their business objectives. This includes top Global Fortune 500 companies. She is a successful Technologist and Governance leader, creating solutions by bringing multiple stakeholders across industry together for solving emerging challenges such as Security, Privacy, Trust.

Pamela Gupta

Cybersecurity Privacy Risk Leader

Trusted AI

Sarah O’Connell is Head of Software Engineering for Altada and is responsible for managing multiple teams who build the front and backend services that support Altada’s AI platform. She has worked in the software industry for over 20 years, with a background in full-stack software development, working for large corporations such as IBM, Tyco & Johnson Controls, while maintaining & building strong academic credentials as a patent holder and published author. 

Sarah O Connell

Head of Software Engineering


Ryan Carrier founded ForHumanity after a 25 year career in finance. His global business experience, risk management expertise and unique perspective on how to manage the risk led him to launch the non-profit entity, ForHumanity, personally. Ryan focused on Independent Audit of AI Systems as one means to mitigate the risk associated with artificial intelligence and began to build the business model associated a first-of-its-kind process for auditing corporate AIs, using a globally, open-source, crowd-sourced process to determine “best-practices”. Ryan serves as ForHumanity’s Executive Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors, in these roles he is responsible for the day-to-day function of ForHumanity and the overall process of Independent Audit.

Ryan Carrier

Executive Director