We’re going to Miami: the perfect venue for Altada’s AI Possible summit

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Miami plays host as inaugural Altada ‘AI Possible’ summit explores new opportunities and positive business impacts of AI, with founder Allan Beechinor leading a panel of AI game-changers.

Not for nothing is Miami known as Magic City. This is a place where sparks fly, where anything seems possible. Just take a walk down Calle Ocho with its throbbing Latin beat and sizzling Cuban cuisine, or Ocean Drive with its funky pink and yellow Art Deco vibe, or the bustling magnet that is South Beach, to get a sense of the city’s endless possibilities.

Miami FLA is cool. It’s now one of the coolest – and simultaneously, one of the hottest – cities in the US, with world-class culture, art, food, nightlife and more. Miami is also home to a flourishing tech boom and a soaring start-up ecosystem where entrepreneurs, VCs and visionaries are creating the most exciting buzz on the east coast.

These factors all played a part in our decision to choose Miami as the venue for Altada’s ‘AI Possible’ summit last month. If you want to have fun, go somewhere fun. The one-day event, which took place in South Beach, featured some of the brightest minds in AI discussing some of the biggest issues, challenges, possibilities. 

The purpose of the summit was to unearth new opportunities around AI and explore how a diversity of talent is having a positive impact in sectors like finance, and healthcare. That diversity is an important characteristic of AI, with so many people bringing other skills and expertise – in cloud platforms, software engineering, sales and operations – to complement and elevate the work of data scientists.

Opening the summit, Lauren Mischke, Altada’s Director of Solution Innovation, observed that what it means to be a ‘technologist’ today is changing. “Are we facilitating an understanding of what the future roles within the enterprise will look like and the skill sets that will be needed?” she asked. “Are we enabling people throughout their academic or technical lifetimes to better engage with these different technologies at an early age? 

“What we’re seeing is a lack of understanding of what it means to be a technologist,” Lauren went on. “A day in the life of an engineering leader isn’t just managing code and platforms, it’s the careful consideration of the user experience, the application of what you are building and most of all, bringing teams together to thrive in the space of creation.”

Having set the tone, it was time to get some guest speakers on stage. First up was Allan Beechinor, co-founder and CEO of summit host Altada, who spoke about the future state of data science and AI. It’s been a busy spring for Allan, who along with Niamh Parker , Altada’s Co-Founder and Chief Legal & People Officer was nominated for the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year award (emerging category) in the same week the Miami summit took place.

The next speaker was Josh Harrison, MD of Rocktop Partners, a Texas-based fintech company and private equity fund with more than $5 billion in assets under management. Josh gave an overview of document intelligence, an area where Altada has developed an AI platform that helps organizations like Rocktop to leverage their data into a competitive advantage.

There followed a fireside chat with Patrick Shallow of Credit Expo, a consultancy specializing in credit risk and profitability analysis, whose AI software product has been adopted by many leading Irish banks, auditors and regulators. The morning session concluded with a panel discussion on the rise of ethics in AI, and a talk on investor confidence in relation to intellectual property in AI by Brian McElligott, Altada’s Chief IP Counsel.

The afternoon session included a fascinating talk on the use of AI in healthcare, delivered by Sohini De (CEO) and Aurobinda De (CTO), co-founders of the multi-award-winning digital health provider Empeal, and an acclaimed emerging tech panel discussion titled ‘Emerging AI’s availability to transform our future’ featuring Kevin Sharpley of Kijik Multimedia, Hakim Elakhrass of NannyML, Mark Woolnough of Nordcloud, and Sarah O’Connell, Head of Software Engineering at Altada.

Delegates were then invited to join James Wheeler of Relational SA and Denis Canty, CTO of Altada, on a ‘data hide and seek’ to discuss how AI technology can boost loan portfolio performance, before Charlie Ko of SlyceData rounded off the day with a look at AI’s role in investment research.

As delegates gathered their things and headed off to enjoy the best nightlife that South Beach has to offer – you’re welcome! – the buzz in the room was all about when the next AI Possible summit might take place. The good news is, we’re already working on our next AI Possible Summit in Europe this Autumn, so keep an eye out – we’d love to see you there.

Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for more blog insights! 

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