Slide Altada | Solutions | Amethyst Health Ecosystem Icon How AI can empower the Health Ecosystem Amethyst for Healthcare Digital transformation in the healthcare sector presents a unique opportunity to accelerate health care performance and patient outcomes.

Altada is empowering healthcare by catalyzing the value-based transformation that will improve quality of care while keeping rising costs at bay. Altada’s technologies can relieve the burden on overstretched healthcare systems by applying interoperable AI and automation.

Our AI and Machine Learning Enterprise level solutions are at the forefront of solving real and critical healthcare challenges globally. We streamline processes, reduce cost, waste, improve outcomes and patient experiences through utilizing data matched with AI in the Health Ecosystem.

We augment human decision-making by applying comprehensive operational efficiencies with patient-centered approaches to deliver patient value.
Slide Altada | Solutions | Amethyst Revenue Cycle Icon Revenue Cycle Management Amethyst Altada has devised an advanced analytics and Machine Learning solution that has two key components:

1) a monitoring and inspection capability and

2) a prediction component which would identify the claims that are likely to be paid (without any human intervention).
These sets of claims are represented by the following two classes: Altada | Solutions | Amethyst Revenue Cycle Boxes
Slide Altada | Solutions | Amethyst Dataset Overview Icon Dataset Overview Amethyst for Healthcare Some of the most prominent features are derived from behavioural characteristics built from the following data:

• Amount Charged
• Bill Speciality
• Insurance Packages
• Procedure Codes
• Adjustments Specifics
In one specific use case, 75% of the claims were predicted to not require any manual intervention and another 18% would require one or two interventions - proving Altada is capable of reducing AR workloads by 93%.

Our solution can also provide further insights in the workflow and operational performance of the RCM operation such as write-off, value of touchpoints and payer behaviours.

Comparing our Data Solutions


Optimized for Throughput

  • Enormous number, size, complexity of data sources
  • Preponderance of unstructured data
  • Low fidelity data formats, including digital images
  • Latency relatively unimportant
  • Little temporal/specialized data


Optimized for Latency

  • Zero/low latency requirement
  • Presence of temporal or specialized data
  • Static number, size of data sources
  • Mostly structured, semi-structured data
  • Fixed data formats


Optimized for Specialization

  • Specialized healthcare data including genomics
  • Some low fidelity data formats, such as digital imaging
  • Latency relatively less important
  • Stable number, size of data sources
  • Typically structured, semi-structured data
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