The Altada AI Platform

The Altada AI Platform

The Altada AI Platform empowers our customers to leverage their data fabric to achieve extraordinary outcomes in automation and data-driven decision making.

We provide a complete view of the data supply chain using ingestion, indexing, data remediations and inference, enabling businesses to scale, increase profitability and realise measurable impact.

This is the value our AI Platform brings and it works like this:

Data Intelligence Platform

The technical capabilities include:

Ingesting data from client data lakes to our secure storage systems through a robust scalable data pipeline.

Index scanned files into our secure data vaults by extracting text using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and capturing metadata.

Classifying, categorizing and validating the scanned documents in a matter of seconds using advanced image classification techniques along with NLP techniques.

A query interface and personalizable dashboard will allow the user to search the data and present the results in a readable format to bookmark, filter or restructure the view.

Profiling Tool

The technical capabilities include:

Audit the inferred documents using an intuitive GUI to validate the accuracy and adherence to business rule.

Ability to Erase and Rectify errors in granular document level on the fly.

Assist in labelling the content into predefined categories and fields, to assist with incremental learning.

Select data required for final export.

Why our AI Platform?

Altada | Why AIdexter Diagram
Altada | Why AIdexter Diagram

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