Slide Altada | Solutions | Aerynite Icon Aerynite for Security The travel industry has undergone a period of severe disruption. Now a new and unprecedented layer of health and safety is required in this industry, which requires both innovative and technological development.

Altada offers an AI-driven platform created especially for the new and evolving challenges facing travel, entertainment and hospitality sectors. Our Aerynite solution is accelerating the return of safe and responsible travel while uncovering new opportunities to make the customer experience more seamless.

Altada’s proprietary methods can identify where large numbers of people gather and can reduce the possibility of mass casualty events through public and crowded spaces via CCTV cameras. We do this with trustworthy and ethical AI in conjunction with “Privacy by Design” to make it possible for the public to travel safely and for business to resume globally.

Comparing our Data Solutions


Optimized for Throughput

  • Enormous number, size, complexity of data sources
  • Preponderance of unstructured data
  • Low fidelity data formats, including digital images
  • Latency relatively unimportant
  • Little temporal/specialized data


Optimized for Latency

  • Zero/low latency requirement
  • Presence of temporal or specialized data
  • Static number, size of data sources
  • Mostly structured, semi-structured data
  • Fixed data formats


Optimized for Specialization

  • Specialized healthcare data including genomics
  • Some low fidelity data formats, such as digital imaging
  • Latency relatively less important
  • Stable number, size of data sources
  • Typically structured, semi-structured data
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