AI Possibilities Made Reality

Non-performing Loans (NPL’s)

Investment Management relies on the correct interpretation of multiple data streams across multiple formats.

What if you could get there 30x faster than your competition?

What was the challenge

To quickly and accurately identify pre-indicative pricing, and therefore revenue potential, across large pools of residential mortgage loans whose valuation depends upon the presence and ability to cure title defects, compliance issues, or other collateral deficiencies.

How we delivered it

Altada developed a platform that ingests large volumes of structured and unstructured mortgage loan file data in a variety of forms (data-tapes, pdfs, scanned documents, pictures, public records) to identify critical information and in turn classify the data, securely.

What was the outcome

Altada facilitated portfolio diligence across 400,000 documents in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost, harvesting enough information to be the difference between recognising 50% of the loan value to 90% – a complete game-changer.

Work which once required an intensely manual process by very senior specialists could now be accomplished using just one experienced lawyer and a couple of Interns to oversee. In just two months, Altada helped our client achieve further significant revenue from our work together and their AI challenges hadn’t only been addressed, they had opened up a whole new world of possibility.


Successful real estate investment comes down to knowing where, and when, to make a move.

What if you could anticipate and identify trends and local sentiment before anyone else?

What was the challenge

To identify and harmonize new and non-traditional data sets which would set our client apart from the competition. These new data sets needed to create the opportunity for a more real-time analysis of the market, to reach and identify new upcoming areas that would be ripe for investment.

How we delivered it

Altada began by integrating data sets for typical historical and demographic real estate value drivers. We then identified growth signals well beyond those of the typical market model, such as economic indicators around rents, taxes, or special incentives to move into an area. If Altada could help to identify opportunities quicker and with greater context and clarity, then the traditional real estate model simply wouldn’t be able to keep pace.

What was the outcome

Our client can now spot opportunities and angles nobody else has can see, even in areas that may be considered in decline. This has meant they have a truly unique value proposition and represent an attractive and formidable partner to investors amidst a ferociously competitive market.

Furthermore, then have been able to raise and expand a new and larger fund, expand into a different asset class beyond multi-family properties, while also expanding into a broader geographic market and different tranche of investors.

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